Bootstrapping reality

My series on "what it's like to bootstrap in 2018" have been getting a lot of attention.

This is a great series of ideas you’re piecing together.

— Des Traynor, Intercom, September 22, 2018

Here is the whole series, in order:

  1. Bootstrapper's paradox
  2. The hidden cost of bootstrapping
  3. Two things that kill bootstrapped companies
  4. Do you even want to be a bootstrapper?
  5. Let's talk about startup costs
  6. Being a solopreneur has risks
  7. Can you bootstrap a startup on the side?

Readers are enjoying these posts, so I'm going to keep writing them!

Your bootstrapping series has honestly been the most interesting business related content on the internet for the past few weeks haha Can't wait to read the rest.

— Danavir Sarria, September 24, 2018

Get future bootstrapping articles here:

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