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Hi, I’m Justin.

Currently, in 2019, I'm building a podcasting platform with my friend Jon Buda. It's called Transistor.fm. We provide podcast hosting and analytics for creatives, brands, and organizations. 

We've been working on it since the beginning of 2018. We hit $15k in MRR in May of 2019.

Professionally, I’ve been working with SaaS companies since 2008. I was the Product Manager at two startups (Sprintly and Mailout), and have consulted on marketing & growth for companies in London, San Francisco, Boulder, and Portland.

My blogpodcasts, and videos focus on topics like product marketing, traction, finding out what people want, idea validation, and mental health.

I also run MegaMaker (a community for bootstrappers) and wrote Marketing for Developers and Jolt, which have sold 6,000+ copies.

Every Saturday morning I send an email to my list. I talk about bootstrapping, making stuff with computers, and earning a living on the internet.

My work has been featured in:

The logos for Fast Company, Entrepreneur, CBCNews Network, Inc., and LifeHacker

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