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In 2024, the main theme of my newsletter is marketing and growth tips for SaaS founders. In each issue, I'll share the real-world results from experiments I'm running at my company (Transistor).

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I generally send one email per week. In addition to marketing topics, I write about bootstrapping, the good life, building calm companies, business ethics, creating a better society, and introspecting the tech industry.​

I encourage subscribers to respond to each email. When I get permission, I include reader thoughts when I write these up as longer posts.

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– Nick Beattie

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I'm the co-founder of Transistor.fm. We do podcast hosting and analytics for folks like Indie Hackers, the Vegas Golden Knights, and Laravel. You can hear about our journey on the Build your SaaS podcast. Want to start your own podcast?

I also run MegaMaker (a private Slack for bootstrappers) and wrote Marketing for Developers.

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