Justin Jackson speaking at MicroConf Europe about Marketing for Developers

“Justin Jackson gave an extremely entertaining talk about product & marketing for developers.” – Luis Colón, attendee

Looking for an engaging speaker, with a different approach, for your audience?

The first person who came to my mind was @mijustin. Just because I really liked his talk at #laracon.

— Rathes S. (?.?????) (@rswebdesigner) August 1, 2017

Justin Jackson has been speaking professionally since 2001. He regularly speaks at tech conferences on product marketing. His audiences have included Fortune 100 CEOs and political leaders, but he prefers speaking to entrepreneurs, product people, developers and designers in technology.

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This year, in 2018, I’m building a new podcasting startup with my friend Jon Buda. It’s called Transistor.fm. If you need podcast hosting, let me know!

I also run MegaMaker (resources for indie entrepreneurs). This is what’s paying the bills while I build Transistor! My offerings include Marketing for Developers and Jolt, which have sold 6,000+ copies.

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Published on January 10, 2014