Justin Jackson speaking at MicroConf Europe about Marketing for Developers

Looking for an engaging speaker, with a different approach, for your audience?

Justin Jackson has been speaking professionally since 2001. He’s spoken at conferences in front of thousands of people, fundraisers, weekend workshops, and small tech meet-ups. His audiences have included Fortune 100 CEOs and political leaders, but he prefers speaking to entrepreneurs, product people, developers and designers in technology.

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Justin Jackson is the former Product Manager at Sprint.ly, and has consulted on marketing & growth for startups in London, San Francisco, Boulder, and Portland.

In 2015 he decided he wanted to make his own stuff. He published his first book, Marketing for Developers. Currently, he is working on his first SaaS called Network Effects.

Justin hosts the MegaMaker podcast, and has two past shows: Build & Launch and Product People.

When he’s not working, he’s chasing his 4 kids and spending time with his beautiful wife. He blogs at justinjackson.ca and tweets at @mijustin


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Published on January 10, 2014