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"Justin Jackson gave an extremely entertaining talk about product & marketing for developers." – Luis Colón, attendee

Looking for an engaging speaker, with a different approach, for your audience? 

Justin regularly speaks at tech conferences on bootstrapping, product marketing, and growing a software business. His audiences have included Fortune 100 CEOs, but he prefers speaking to entrepreneurs, product people, developers and designers.

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Video sample:

Talk topics include:

  • Marketing and growth for SaaS, software, and digital product companies

  • Creative marketing ideas for online businesses

  • Amplifying online content to bigger audiences

  • Creating and launching digital products

  • Building an audience online through blogs, podcasts, and social media

  • Product Management, team leadership, and development processes at software companies

Justin Jackson's bio:

I also run MegaMaker (a private Slack for bootstrappers) and wrote Marketing for Developers.

What's Justin working on now?

I'm the co-founder of Transistor.fm. We do podcast hosting and analytics for folks like Indie Hackers, the Vegas Golden Knights, and Laravel. You can hear about our journey on the Build your SaaS podcast. Want to start your own podcast?

For rates and availability, contact:

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Articles I've written:

Published on November 21st, 2023
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