A list of Justin Jackson's projects

Today, I'm the co-founder of a podcast hosting platform called Transistor.fm. Jon Buda and I started working on it together in early 2018. Since then, it's grow into a small, calm, and profitable company. We told our story on our podcast.

Previously, I was the Product Manager at two startups: Mailout.com and Sprint.ly.In January, 2016, I became a full-time indie entrepreneur when I released Marketing for Developers.

Current projects

  • Transistor.fm – my full-time business. The best way to publish a podcast to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.

  • MegaMaker – I've been running this community for bootstrappers since 2013.

  • Meeps – I'm collaborating with Josh Anderton, and building a platform for membership sites.

Available, but not in active development:

Old projects

You might also know me from one of my podcasts (Product People, MegaMaker) or something I've written (This is a web page, Focus on your own sh*t, and Your developers aren't slow).

Published on June 12th, 2024
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