This is what starting small looks like

Want to write a book?
Start small: write an essay.

Want to be a rock star?
Start small: sing in the shower.

Want to speak at a conference?
Start small: give a talk at a meetup.

Want to make $1 million in sales?
Start small: sell a $10 item to one customer.

Want to create a podcast?
Start small: record a voice memo on your phone.

Want 1,000 true fans?
Start small: do something that gets you one true fan.

Want to build a profitable startup?
Start small: build a basic web app in a weekend and get 10 users.

Start small.
Show up every day.
Keep refining your craft.
Take risks and get uncomfortable.
And most importantly:

"Embrace feedback as a gift." - Seth Godin

Repeat these steps for days, months, and years, and you'll become the person you aspire to be.

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Published on December 13th, 2016
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