I can't work from home

I’ve always found I’m more productive at an office, away from home.

Getting out every day, and seeing other people, is energizing for me.

But I didn't want to go the central office. That was a 1-hour commute (each way). It meant stress, parking tickets, and coming home exhausted each day.

Eventually, I was able to get a remote job. This gave me the freedom to live anywhere. But I still wanted the energy of the office.

So three friends and I rented an office together. Initially, it was just us splitting the rent. Eventually, we turned it into a real coworking place, and invited other members to join us.

For us, this is the best of both worlds:

  • We get the flexibility and freedom of remote work

  • We get the energy and camaraderie of the office

For me personally, this means I get to hang out all day with cool people, without the long commute, office politics, or feeling chained to a desk.

A lot of this is about being able to control my environment. The combination of remote work and having an office means I'm empowered to do my best work.

I think more companies are figuring this out. My company, Transistor, followed the example of companies like Automattic and Wildbit. We enable our team members to choose how, and where, they work. We don't dictate how they manage their time, or where they work from. We think this produces better results (and happier people).

People should be able to do work in a way that energizes them; they should be able to structure their work in a way that is additive to their life.

Setting up a shared office space is simpler than you think.

We started with four people, found an office space for $800/mo, and just split the cost ($250/each, which included internet).

Eventually, we expanded and opened it up to other members, but it started small.

"Remote work" shouldn't automatically mean "work from home." It should mean you have the freedom to work from wherever you work best.

Justin Jackson

Published on March 18th, 2022
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