The tools I use

Here are the tools I use, ordered for importance. To me, "important" means: "how I make my living."

  • WPengine and WordPress - at the end of the day, I make money from my words. It's where I've built my reputation.
  • Digital Ocean - all my apps and coding projects are deployed here. I like it way better than Heroku.
  • ConvertKit - my newsletter is where I build relationships, and earn trust. This is where I'll share what I'm learning, and ultimately ask people to buy.
  • Podia - Podia is an all-in-one selling platform for solopreneurs. It's where I sell my digital products: downloads, courses, and books.
  • ScreenFlow - I believe the future of my business is in video + video courses. I'm in ScreenFlow almost every day. Sometimes I use it to "hijack audio" during interviews. Sometimes I use it to edit video. It's getting a lot of use.
  • Reedsy - after trying iBooks Author and Pressbooks to write my books, I've finally settled on Reedsy for writing, layout, and publishing of ebooks.
  • Transistor - my podcasts have been one of the biggest ways I've built authority and reputation. Transistor is dead simple, and has great analytics. Plus, it's cheaper than what I was paying Amazon S3 to host them!

Those are the big ones. I'll continue to add / modify this list as I think of other things. :wink:

Published on December 22nd, 2016
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