The sex and cash theory

I'm a big fan of Hugh MacLeod’s sex and cash theory:

The creative person basically has two kinds of jobs. One is the sexy, creative kind. Second is the kind that pays the bills.”

This is true in almost every industry:
  • If you're a photographer, you can look for the "sexy" job of shooting art photos (cool job, but not high paying), or you can shoot weddings (drag job, but lucrative)
  • If you're into food, you could start your own restaurant (high risk but sexy, potentially low paying), or you could get a management job at Sysco.
  • If you're a graphic designer, you can design band posters or you can design brochures for a bank.

Are you a creative person looking to make a living?  It's OK to do cool projects in your spare time; but when it comes to making money, start thinking differently.  Matt Linderman says: "Instead of working with a thing you love, think about how to work in a way you love."

Download Macleod's whole essay here.

Published on May 11th, 2011
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