Self-Publishing Hangout highlights

Paul Jarvis (Everything I Know), Sacha Greif (Discover Meteor), and Nathan Barry (Authority) invited me to host a Self-Publishing Hangout with them this week. It was a great opportunity for me, because I’m about to publish my first course (Amplification). Our Google Hangout ended being a 2 hour marathon of us sharing our experience with writing, publishing, and promoting eBooks, as well as answering questions from everybody in the chat room.

Here are my highlights.

On choosing a topic

Do you need to be a good writer?

The process of writing

Writers block

What happens if you’re not enough of an expert?

Talking about fear

 How do you ensure quality?

Is the market getting saturated?

Is the market for self-published books getting saturated right now?

What tools do you use to create the end-product?

What do you outsource?

Should you publish your book online for free?


Platforms and publishers

The iBooks store and Amazon


Tools & resources we recommend

For selling:

For drafting, writing, editing:

Human copywriters and editors:

Design, layout, and publishing

For mailing lists and email

Closing thoughts

A huge thanks to Sacha, Nathan and Paul for allowing a rookie like me to participate.

You can watch the whole video recording here.

Want a podcast version? You can get that here.

I hope these highlights will be a helpful resource to anyone interested in publishing their own thing.

Justin Jackson

Published on August 27, 2013