Things to do when Amazon S3 is down

  1. Order coffee for your DevOps teams – via Mark Nunnikhoven
  2. Check out a vlog on YouTube.
  3. Write that blog post you've had in drafts forever.
  4. Can't code or deploy? Take some time to level up your marketing.
  5. Leave a thoughtful answer to a question on Reddit.
  6. Call your parents just to say "hi."
  7. Open up your iPhone, find "Voice Memos" and record your first podcast.
  8. Research some AWS competitors: Digital OceanRackspace's Cloudfiles, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze Cloud Storage, Azure.
  9. Meditate (for the first time?)
  10. Listen to an entire Black Sabbath album.
  11. Still on Windows XP and non-SSD storage? Time to defrag your hard drive!
  12. Do a local backup.
  13. Solve a math / computation problem at Project Euler.
  14. Go outside!
  15. Browse the Amazon store (ironically, this still works!) – via Tom
  16. Reacquaint yourself with all of the desktop software you left for web apps.
  17. Back a project on Kickstarter.
  18. Write a letter to your congressperson – via Justin
  19. Look into Cross-Region Replication for Amazon S3 (if S3 goes down again, you can switch to a different region).
  20. Send me a text message: +1-424-247-5762
  21. Do your laundry – via beanland on HN
  22. Visit a BBS.
  23. Learn how to pick a lock – via Gregg
  24. Improve your landing page.
  25. Do 20 pushups. Right now. Do it.
  26. Generate some ASCII art and sneak it into some code.
  27. Create an S3 meme – via Daniel (I like this one too)
  28. MAKE SOME PANCAKES – via Jacob
  29. Watch this crazy robot video
  30. Declutter your workspace for a clean, fresh start – via Becca
  31. #deleteuber
  32. Wish Josh Pigford a happy birthday.

Have other ideas? Tell me on Twitter @mijustin and I'll add 'em!

Published on February 28th, 2017
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