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Review of 37signals’ first app for the iPad: Draft

Written by Justin on June 29, 2010

37signals caused quite a commotion this past week when they released their first app for the iPad, called Draft.  Draft is a simple sketching tool, that allows you to draw in white or red (only two colors) on a black canvas.  You can then share the sketches via email or directly to your Campfire account.

On their blog, and elsewhere, there was a lot of push-back on the features (or lack of) and the price ($9.99).  We’re not talking about a few comments; we’re talking about a lot of people who were really riled up.

I decided to cut through all the noise and buy the app. I compared it to another, free, app from Adobe called Ideas.  Here is the video review:

My conclusion? Draft makes a lot of sense if you use Campfire.  You can share sketches instantly to any Campfire room.  If you’re a designer, or company, that uses Campfire, the $10 price tag is irrelevant; the app will definitely pay for itself in saved time.

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