Non-alcoholic drink choices

If you've quit drinking, what do you order at the bar when you go out for drinks with friends?

Here's a list that I've been crowdsourcing from Twitter. Feel free to print it out (or copy and paste it into your Notes app) so you never feel stuck with what to order.

Non-alcoholic drinks you can order at the bar

  1. Club soda with a splash of cranberry juice (very little sugar, easy to drink)
  2. Club soda + lime
  3. Club soda + Blackcurrant
  4. Club soda + bitters and lime
  5. Virgin Caesar's [Bloody Mary] (I order them spicy)
  6. Kombucha (if they have it on tap) 
  7. Spirit-free cocktails
  8. Iced tea
  9. Arnold Palmer
  10. A Roy Rogers (made with Coke and grenadine syrup, and topped with a maraschino cherry)
  11. Seltzer with bitters
  12. Coconut water
  13. Non-alcoholic beer
  14. Virgin Michelada
  15. Virgin Mojito
  16. Virgin Moscow Mule
  17. Grapefruit-Schorle (it's not as sweet as Apfelschorle)
  18. Cold brew nitro coffee
  19. Oolong tea
  20. 0% beer

I quit drinking on January 1st, 2019.

I originally did it as a way of reaching a revenue goal for my business. But after we hit the goal, I kept going.

I just feel better. I'm sleeping better, I'm more alert during the day, and feel less moody. Another bonus: I'm saving a lot of money. (A typical "night out for drinks" used to cost me ~$50, but now generally costs me $20, including food!)

I hope this is helpful,
Justin Jackson, @mijustin

Published on June 9th, 2019
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