My workplace fantasies

You might be a programmer, designer, or manager; but do you ever daydream about other careers?

I often imagine what it’d be like to be a restauranteur or a rock star. My daydream is always about how I’d promote that business in unique ways. Here are a few of my ideas:


I was thinking about the jobs we hire music to do. When I’m working out, I’m using music to pump me up. At work, I want tunes that keep me focused. If I’m at a club (rare, now that I’m 36, married, with 4 kids) I’m looking for jams that will get out on the dance floor.

What’s the biggest challenge with being a musician? It’s hard to make a living off $0.99 downloads on iTunes (or pennies on Spotify).

But what if musicians sold music in packages for specific jobs to be done? For example:

Pub / Coffee shop

The pub on the TV show Cheers had a great slogan: “Where everybody knows your name.” The truth is, what we really want is for the owner, barista, and bartender to know our name.

I had family in town last week. We wanted to go out for a late dinner, but everywhere was closed. I texted my friend Eric who owns Station BBQ (for those who listen to my podcast, this is where we did the infamous MegaMaker Burrito). I asked him if he could keep his kitchen open for us. He said: “Absolutely!” When we arrived, he said: “Hey Justin! I saved you a special table.” The whole staff welcomed us and were genuinely happy to have us. Eric brought the whole table a special bourbon to try. I felt like a VIP.

If I owned a pub, coffee shop or restaurant I’d take this one step further. I’d find customers who were natural cheerleaders, and give them a gold business card. On the card, I’d have my personal cell number with the words: “if you ever need anything, just call me.” I’d also instruct these customers to show it to staff if I wasn’t ever around. Anytime my team saw the card, they’d know who they were serving: a VIP.

In the service industry, word of mouth is king. When your best customers feel like bigwigs, they’ll tell everyone they know about your place.

What do you daydream about?

What would you do to disrupt those industries? I’d love to hear about it. 😉 You can message me on Twitter, Instagram, or my newsletter.

Justin Jackson

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Published on August 6, 2016