musk twitter quitter, bitter?

I've been a big Twitter user since 2008. In nearly 14 years on the platform, Twitter's had a net-positive effect on my life. I've met many friends there, had great conversations, been able to test out ideas and work in public, received helpful DMs and replies, and been able to promote different projects.

Now with Elon’s takeover, Twitter is in the hands of a man whose behavior I find reprehensible. Many years ago I respected him as an innovator, public figure, and entrepreneur. But he’s repeatedly displayed a willingness to spread misinformation, hurl obnoxiousinsults, and preside over a toxic workplace.

We, subconsciously, mimic the people we admire. Leaders like Elon have more influence over our thinking than we realize.

Instead of elevating folks like Musk, we should be following leaders who are mindful, respectful, have self-control, and can act with a reasonable amount of restraint.

Which puts me (and many others) in a weird position with Twitter. 

As the new owner of a now-private company, Elon has the freedom to do whatever he wants.

It seems likely that under his leadership, Twitter will get worse.

Where can the bootstrappers, founders, devs, indie makers, and others who found a community on Twitter, go?

When I asked this question on Twitter, Jack's response was pretty indicative:

"[Nothing really comes close to replicating the watering hole of Twitter]. Not even 1% of Twitter. Reddit is the closest but it’s all strangers."

None of the alternatives replicate what we've come to like about Twitter. As Evan Armstrong said on Every:

"Twitter is a place of active discussion and consumption. Its primary use case is to hear directly from experts, see breaking news, or debate ideas."

Or as Gexla said on Hacker News:

"What I like about Twitter vs any other network tool, is the random interesting stuff I can come across which is still somewhat related to people I follow."

And as Noah said:

"Nothing comes close to the community here on twitter though."

I'm not about to make any rash decisions (beyond "wait and see"), but it does feel like we're in limbo.

Justin Jackson

Published on November 1st, 2022
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