If you’re from Edmonton, you’ll remember Happy Pop soda

Happy Pop soda bottle Edmonton, Alberta, 1983

Happy Pop bottle, circa 1983. Image courtesy of the collection of C.A. Weide. http://ca-yd.com

Happy Pop was a huge part of my childhood. Like many others in the Edmonton area, my family would go and pick up a crate of the brightly colored sodas every month or so.

The odd thing about cultural artifacts from the 80’s: you can’t find them on the internet! Search “Happy Pop” in Google Images and you’ll get pictures of Lanvin purses; but no shots of a Happy Pop soda bottle.

I’d searched everywhere; until one day I found Chris Weides’ website.  Chris, who is from the USA, has a huge collection of pop bottles.  I saw that he had a Happy Pop bottle in his collection and asked him if he could send it to me.

So here they are, the only photos I could find of Happy Pop on the internet!

Update: I just found a copy of the Happy Pop logo on Canada’s Trademark Database.

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  1. Happy Pop is awesome! Many memories of the stuff myself.

  2. It’s funny how much response I’ve got from this. A guy in the office just came over to my desk and told me stories about going to the warehouse, and sweeping floors in exchange for pop!

  3. And… There still open!

    Happy Pop

    12226 142 St NW

    Edmonton, AB

    (780) 447-3288

  4. Are you sure? Have you been? I’d heard that they’d closed.

  5. Awesome, I spent so many quarters at the happy pop by southgate finishing Double Dragon and many other games.

  6. Ha ha. So fun to hear the old memories that come up when you mention Happy Pop.

  7. I went to school with the Happy Pop owner’s daughter in Sh.Pk… We were probably in grade 7 or 8 when they shut down, and we learned very quickly while drinking the remaining happy pop by the box in those days that a locker door is an ineffective bottle opener! hahaha

  8. I have a full Happy Pop bottle that an old boyfriend gave me.  I’ve carried it around with me for decades… to college, at least 6 different apartments, and now it resides at my work office.  I have never even tasted this pop, but I adored the logo.  Wonder what it would taste like now?!

  9. Happy Pop was a big deal for me as a kid in the 80’s, my whole family was saddened when they stopped making it, then it started back up in the mid 90’s and we bought so many cases of it… then it stopped again, if it starts again I am going to get a truck load of it and stockpile it! LOL

    I still have a few empties if you want a bottle for nostalgia.

  10. I’d love a bottle Ryan! Happy Pop was just part of my childhood growing up in Edmonton.
    It went along with Minor Hockey, the Rubik’s cube and Atari. Flourescent clothing, Candy Cane lane, leg warmers, the banana comb, Goonies, the Flintstones…. I’ll stop here.
    LOVED it for sleepovers. 

  11.  I’ll see if I can find where I stashed them, then find a way to get in touch with you…

    I hate posting my email online if I can help it, are there any websites you frequent where I could find you like DeviantArt or CarDomain or anything like that?

  12. Hey Ryan, i am on a search for a happy pop bottle for my grandma. she is turning eighty in May and it would mean the world to me if i could give her a bottle of Happy Pop. These bottles make me laugh and think about her all the time. If you still have one hanging around and would like to part from one, PLEASE contact me some how. My brother lives in Luduc so i could have him meet you.

  13. I’ve been looking and have not found them yet, I know there is a case or two somewhere here though… I found a few cases of Pop Shoppe today I didn’t know I had…

    But I’m still looking.

  14.   I never found the ones I had, so I bought some from a local kid for a
    couple of bucks. email me q u a n t i c c h a o s 1 0 0 0 [AT] hot mail
    [DOT] com

  15.  I never found the ones I had, so I bought some from a local kid for a couple of bucks. email me q u a n t i c c h a o s 1 0 0 0 [AT] hot mail [DOT] com

  16. hi ryan we were going though our shed and we found a case of empty happy pop bottlesis there any value to these 

  17. Honestly, I don’t know at all, being a local thing I think they are only worth what someone wants to pay for them, and so far in my experience that is very little.

    People asked me if they could get bottle from me and once I found some, not a single one has gotten back to me.

    I think they are worth hanging onto at least, they are a cool piece of local history! (The ones I just got are in my sink right now soaking out 30 years of dirt)

  18. Hi Bob

    Just wondering if you would be interested in letting thos bottles go and if so do you happen to live in Edmonton or around

  19. Hey,

    I happened upon 3 cases of Happy Pop bottles in my grandparents barn. I am thinking of using them in my upcoming wedding somehow since they were such a huge part of my childhood. Once I am done with them I would be more than willing to let some of them go, I don’t need 24! haha. I even have 3 of the original crates.

  20. Oh man it was so nice to read all these comments, i myself am from Calgary and even grew up with it there, a local barbershop always had it on hand. our bus driver would stop every Friday for the kids to get some. i would love to taste this pop again. so many good memories

  21. I just found 24 happy pop bottles plus crates. Does anyone know what the value is for them or where I can get the value.

  22. Prairie Boys gas stations between Sherwood Park and Tofield (there are 2 of them) still carry Happy Pop and Pop Shoppe….

  23. Remember it? I managed one of their shops for 5 years.

  24. I miss Happy Pop & Pop Shoppe.