How to get people to choose your product

In business, you want people who are searching for a particular product/service/solution to find you.

But what people are really seeking is the best version of that thing.

If there's another business down the street better than yours, people will pick the better option.

Cal Newport describes this dynamic (referencing Sherwin Rosen's " Superstar Effect "):

"Why would I ever listen to the second-best podcast on a topic if, for the exact same effort, I can get the best? Why would a buy a record from a band that 'sounds like the Beatles' if I can get the Beatles for the same price?"

Anything you build has to compete for attention with the other available options.

If someone can just as easily buy a similar product from a more trusted brand for the same price, why would they choose you?

To compete with established brands, you’ll need to figure out how to differentiate yourself in meaningful ways.

Think about:

  1. What do customers care about? (product quality, service, story, community, values, features)
  2. Which of these items can you deliver at a high level?

For example, Tony Dinh built a screenshot tool called Xnapper.

There were already existing options, so Xnapper had to be better in a few areas that customers cared about.

So Xnapper focused on generating "beautiful 'twitter-ready' screenshots without using Photoshop."

He nailed the execution. It's super easy to create screenshots for your website, or social media. Each image looks like it came from a professional designer. I use it 3-5x a day.

How to make your product the better choice

"How can I make my product/service the more attractive choice?"

The answer will depend on what certain customers value.

The key is to combine multiple attributes (that certain customers care about):

Remember, this isn't just about delivering "more practical value;" it can also include emotional properties that people desire.

For example:

"People are seeking the version of that thing that delivers the value they need; one business might be "the best" in some areas but fall on its face for the person's specific needs. So they'll fill that need elsewhere." –  Kevin B. 

Justin Jackson

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Published on December 3rd, 2022
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