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Don’t confuse hard problems with valuable problems

Written by Justin on April 2, 2014

Ryan King from Twitter: don't confuse hard problems for valuable problems

Loved this interchange between Joe Stump and Ryan King on the Business of Coding podcast. Joe starts it off with a question:

“A lot of engineers fall into the ‘build it and they will come’ trap. Have you found that?”Joe Stump

Ryan King said he agreed, and went on to address a problem I’ve observed as well:

“People sometimes mistake hard problems (in the computer science sense) for valuable problems (in the business sense). Sometimes that venn diagram overlaps (like Google’s search algorithms). But there’s a number of cases where there’s a really valuable problem, but it’s not particularly hard on the technology side (AirBnB is an example of this).”Ryan King

The whole episode is excellent, with lots of practical tips for engineers and business folks alike: you can listen to the whole episode here.

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