Forget about your heroes

Overall, we spend way too much time trying to deconstruct our heroes' journey.

We're always trying to figure out what they did; how they got started.

"What would Steve Jobs do?"

"How did Convertkit kickstart their growth?"

"Why was Basecamp so successful in the early years?"

None of that matters as much as you think it does.

What worked for them probably won't work for us!

Yes, you can be inspired by their stories.

But ultimately, what we learn from them is simply this: "they caught a good wave."

If we want to succeed like them, we need to learn how to spot, catch, and ride a good wave.

How to put yourself in a position to catch the next wave:

  1. Be on the lookout for good "surf spots." What industry, market, or sector is showing potential? What do you see that could develop into a much larger wave?

  2. Develop your skillset. Practice by catching little waves. Paddle every day. Work yourself up to more significant opportunities.

  3. Develop your network. Build relationships with other people who catch waves. They might tip you off: "Hey, this wave would be perfect for you."

  4. If your current market or category isn't producing good opportunities, move on. Sitting in a pond waiting for a big wave won't do you any good!

  5. Don't try to turn a small wave into a big wave! It's unlikely to get bigger. 😉 Move on.

  6. Remember, most good waves have competition. You might get lucky and find an opportunity nobody else has seen. But it's more likely you'll be riding the same wave as someone else. How can you compete?

Most importantly: forget about your heroes. They gained their success at a different time. Figure out what works for you at this moment in time.

Justin Jackson

PS: you can read more about "business is surfing" here.

Published on July 29th, 2020
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