Finish the year strong

Today, in the Slack chat, Ashley shared an honest admission:

Ashley Baxter in Slack chat

It's reassuring being in a community like MM Club because you realize you're not alone. Other members jumped in:

I've been feeling that way recently as well. It usually happens at this time of the year for me - I struggle to keep momentum with day to day tasks

It seems like everyone is feeling it:

I've been feeling it since October. Maybe my battery is running out.

If you're experiencing the "December blues," you're not alone! The end of the year is demanding for a couple of reasons:

  1. You're reflective. You're reviewing the good and the bad from 2017.
  2. You're thinking about 2018. The new year is just weeks away, and you're already making plans.

Plus: December is busy. Personally, you're shopping, and going to holiday events. Professionally, you've got tons of work to do!

It's no wonder we're overwhelmed.

How to finish the year strong

You have about 8 work days left before Christmas day. That's enough time for one last sprint before the new year.

Here's a plan that's worked for me:

  1. Choose one project to finish. You're not going to complete everything before 2018. Look at your project list, and pick one thing you can reasonably complete. Remember, 8 days isn't a lot of time!
  2. Write a mini year-in-review. Take out a notepad, and write: "What are three things I'm thankful for this year?" In bullet form, list three things. Under that, ask yourself: "What are three things I'd like to improve next year?" Write out a few ideas for 2018.
  3. Do one thing to prepare for 2018. Now is a good time to connect with your coach, or your accountability group, and share your year-in-review. Let them suggest some practical steps you can take in January.

This framework has helped me to be realistic about what I can finish. It also allows me to be reflective without being overwhelmed. And finally, it enables me to prepare for the new year, with a list of things I can start doing on January 2nd.

The best part? It's helped me to enjoy the holidays! Instead of feeling guilty about not getting enough work done, or being stressed about the new year, I can relax.

You need to relax too!

So, let's take the next week to work hardreflect, and prepare.

And after that... sit down with a hot drink and enjoy the warmth of the season.

Justin Jackson, @mijustin

PS: need someone to talk to? I have coaching call slots available for December and January. You can book a spot here.

Kevin just had a call with me last week:

"Thank you again for the call. It's great to get a better sense of direction and focus. Your suggestions really brought my scattered thoughts together. Now my vision is much clearer. I'm ready for my next steps!"

Schedule a time here (we might even be able to chat this week!)

Published on December 12th, 2017
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