I've never done this before

One month ago, I went to New York City with my best friend.

It was an incredible trip. I made memories there that I'll never forget.

I was also there to speak at Laracon 2017. (You can see a clip here)

At the conference, I met a guy named Yaz, who had built this cool app called ContestKit. People show me apps all the time, but I loved Yaz's one sentence description:

"It's a way to create digital scratch and win tickets."

His clients included a professional soccer team, who were using it to give out prizes during games.

He asked me if I'd be interested in running my own contest.

I knew I'd be releasing the new version of Marketing for Developers (my book) on August 31st.

I thought it'd be fun to do a bunch of giveaways before then. So today I'm introducing my first:

Giveaway contest

Play now

Here are the prizes I'm giving away:

You can enter the contest here (works great on mobile)

You'll get three chances to win (3 "scratch" tickets). After that, you can tweet and get more chances.

Good luck! (I hope you win something!) The app is still new, so if you find bugs, let Yaz know.

Justin Jackson, @mijustin

PS: The new version of the Marketing for Developers is close! The new chapters are finished. Sign up here for updates. It's getting released on August 31st.

Published on August 24th, 2017
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