How do you consume digital media?

Sometimes I'm surprised by the "form factor" of digital media. For example, I rarely bother with podcasts that are under 30 minutes long, because I listen to them in the car.  Here's how I consume digital media:

In the car

At work

  • Music, almost always MP3s on iTunes.
  • Haven't had time to check out streaming services, like Rdio, yet
  • I can't focus on work and listen to podcasts at the same time

At the gym

  • If I'm lifting weights, music, on my iPhone (Mp3s).
  • If I'm on the bike, video podcasts (30 minutes to 45 minutes is perfect)

At home, work nights

At home, weekends

  • iPad reading with breakfast: Zite, Flipboard, Edmonton Journal
  • Video podcast: I watch one video podcast on Saturday or Sunday: CBC News "At Issue" political panel

How do you consume digital media? Do you listen to podcasts? When and where? Do have a favorite web show?

Published on January 11th, 2012
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