What is Bluesky social? (Twitter and Mastodon alternative)

Bluesky is a new social network that's an alternative to Twitter and Mastodon. I was invited back in February, and there hasn't been much momentum on the app... until the last week. There's been a sudden surge of interest (perhaps driven by FOMO?):

I made a quick video explaining what Bluesky is, how it compares to Twitter and Mastodon:

How do I get an invite code for Bluesky?

Apparently, Bluesky's waitlist has over one million+ people on it. The team is slowly rolling out invites to 1,000 people per week. 

Contrary to popular belief, this isn't to create FOMO or drive interest. Emily (on the Bluesky team) recently posted:

We mainly require invite codes bc we want to finish our moderation/curation tooling before we really open this to everyone. we’re trusting that the people you invite will likewise respect our community guidelines

The quickest way to get an invite is to find an individual user with invite codes. Each user gets one invite code for every two weeks they're on the app. 

Published on April 26th, 2023
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