Better time spent at work

When faced with a problem, which is better:

Staying at your computer for an hour and grinding until you figure out the solution?


Going for a 40-minute walk and figuring out the solution?

North America has a "sitting paradigm" for doing work.  If the boss sees you staring at your monitor, he might assume you're working.  But sitting at your computer isn't the best way to focus your mental energy.  This Fast Company article suggests that the unfocused mind is the key to real breakthroughs.

Better problem-solving involves getting out of the office, standing, walking, or lying down.  It could include nature, exercise, or closing our eyes.  Food, color, sound, and textures could also stimulate creative solutions.

Sitting at a workstation doesn't equal working hard.  Stand up, get out.  Problem solved.

Published on March 5th, 2010
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