Better doctor visits: house calls

This H1N1 scare is havoc on a parent's nerves.  Our 2-year-old son recently became sick with a severe fever.  It was the weekend, and the first question that entered my mind was: when should I take him to the hospital?

Taking a sick child to emergency is the worst: putting them in an uncomfortable car seat, being jerked around during the drive, and then sitting in a crowded waiting room with other sick people is entirely unsettling.  And if you think about it: it doesn't make sense.

Why are unhealthy people driving themselves to the hospital?  Why are they driving at all?  Let's think of all the things that are prescribed when you're feeling ill.  You know: lots of rest, don't move around, no additional stress, stay away from other sick peopleDriving yourself to the hospital exposes you to all these things.

What happened to house calls? A mobile doctor visiting a person needing care in their home is a better way to do things.  Why are we having all the icky, bacteria-infected people congregate together in one place?  Let's stop this madness.  Let's give our doctors a cell phone, a Honda Fit, and directions to our homes.  We'll all be better for it.

Published on November 19th, 2009
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