2010: Products I can’t live without

Well, if Michael Arrington and Kevin Rose can have a list, so can I.  Here it is:

After the Deadline – I wish I’d found this ages ago.  If you do a lot of writing on the web, this is the best contextual spell-checker and grammar fixer.

Apple TV – anyone that knows me knows that I’m pretty passionate about this device, even if Apple isn’t.

Basecamp – at work, this is where we keep track of all of our projects (milestones, messages, to do lists)

Dreamweaver – I’m not a big fan of Adobe, but I use this HTML editor every day (especially helpful for table layouts in HTML emails)

Fireworks – this goes with Dreamweaver; still my favorite “quick and dirty” image editor (both bitmaps and vectors)

Freshbooks – in my side business, this is how I stay organized with sending invoices and getting paid

Google Apps – I use Google for email and calendars, mostly.  Great email service.

Highrise – used to track contacts, conversations, and tasks related to contacts

iPhone 3G – most important device I carry

Screenflow – a really great Mac app that allows you to create screencasts, and video tutorials

Seismic Desktop – My favorite desktop app for Twitter and Facebook (largely because it supports multiple accounts)

Skitch – I use this about 10x a day.  The best screen capturing app for a Mac.

TextExpander – I probably use this 25x a day.  Expands a shortcode to a specific piece of text (ie. “AAmailing” becomes the full mailing address).

Twitter – I’m still a big fan.  Micro conversations, completely searchable, makes it easy to share content.

WordPress – last on the list, but probably first in terms of importance, is the WordPress platform. I use it personally every day and also use it as a CMS for people that buy a website from me.

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Published on March 22, 2010