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In short "I loved it!". It's an easy read. I can recommend this book for anyone seeking inspiration in how to look for opportunities and then make the most of them. You'll do this by exploring some fun ways to find value in your community.
- Neil Chalk

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Jason Resnick rated it ★★★★★

Amazing book! Jolt was actionable and relevant. Justin mentioned ways to stand out amongst the crowd that I hadn't thought of. I will be implementing these ideas immediately in my business.

Matt Giovanisci rated it ★★★★★

I found myself constantly writing down notes in my Asana app while reading this book. Jolt is packed with helpful resources and ideas if you're trying to make anything on the internet or off. I highly recommend :-)

Damian Bezak rated it ★★★★★

Incredible book. I pre-ordered it and read it the day it was released. I will be reading it once again this week and focusing on tactics and tips that I previously bookmarked. Thanks Justin for the next awesome book. Keep writing. You have a gift for that.

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Justin Jackson, Product People Hi, I'm Justin Jackson. I've been building things with computers since 1985. I was a BBS SysOp at age 12. I sold my first product in the 10th grade. I built my first website in 1993. Now, I'm the Product Manager for a profitable web app, and the host of the Product People podcast. I'm passionate about building products that delight customers.