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Zappos is wow

Justin getting dropped off by Zappos shuttle

Getting dropped off by Zappos shuttle

Today I toured the Zappos head office in Las Vegas. I had read Tony Hsieh’s book, Delivering Happiness, and was eager to see the concepts he’s talked about in-person.

Wow. I am blown away.

Zappos.com is the world’s largest online shoe store, but they’re probably better known for their amazing corporate culture. During my tour, I was able to experience that culture first-hand.

My rant on customer support for web apps

This is me with customer support rage

This is me with customer support rage

Update: I’ve created a follow-up to this post here.

I am employed by a software company.  Offering great customer support is baked into our culture. So when I go out and purchase other software services, I (foolishly) expect to receive the same level of service that we offer our customers.  And then reality slaps me in the face. This is the story of  my yesterday.