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When you’re building a product, whose opinion should you listen to?

Why I’m building a new SaaS in 2018

What affects customer motivation?

I spent $30,000 to get product-market fit

What raves and software have in common

I’ve been following you since grade 9

2017 year in review

Finish the year strong

What’s on your hard drive?

How an NBA player ruined my life

I’ve never done this before

I’ll buy you coffee

Why I bought your software

What is Jobs to be Done?

“People need my product!” (But do they want it?)

How to create a membership website

Don’t stand still

Adam Wathan’s $100k product launch

How I make my money

Things to do when Amazon S3 is down

Why most product ideas aren’t that good

Watch for mind gremlins

Going independent (2016 year in review)

The tools I use

How to surprise people in a digital age

This is what starting small looks like

Get out of your creative rut

We all want progress

Virtual reality could save the planet

Hypothesis: Nintendo Switch is a social play

I wasted 4 years of my life doing this

Who are you stealing from?

Using JTBD to build better products

Pricing experiment results

What podcasters get wrong about advertising

How to make money from your tiny podcast


You can’t change the customer’s behavior

The freedom ladder

SaaS is ripe for disruption

My workplace fantasies

Publish your ebook as PDF, MOBI, and ePub all at the same time

Why I sell before I launch

How I price products

You don’t learn until you ship

You want more than product/market fit

Why we buy from winners

I’m a f*cking webmaster

Your secret success fantasy

Put a billion dollars on red

Focus on your own shit

Park your experience

Don’t swim against the current

Is the market for self-published books saturated?

Business is like a game of Frogger

My biggest creative fear

You can’t split test human experience

Product traction is like waiting in line at the grocery store

Make stuff and be happy (2015 year in review)

Documentaries you should watch this holiday

More stuff, or better stuff?

How to build demand before you launch

You’re lucky

3 things I learned from my book launch

The last mile

Startups should make money

How to make a podcast (and submit it to iTunes)

Keep making things

Ultimate validation

Why you need a co-founder

End of an era

Do people still read blogs?

No marketing unicorns

Don’t follow your heroes

2014: a year of making stuff

Landing page teardown: Serial podcast

How user growth really works

Do I look dumb?

How to discover the hidden benefits of your product

Do things that scare you

Be careful who you go to for advice

Let’s make some stuff

The cold months are coming

What type of pain are you solving?

The person on the other side of the screen

Earn the right to be heard

Your product’s missing ingredient

Is it harder to get noticed?

It’s different now

When you can’t win

Your second biggest problem

How desperation affects creativity

Be social IRL

Choose your audience wisely

Your blog could be a party

My embarrassing iTunes receipt – exploring the customer journey

Start your marketing with other people in mind

Don’t confuse hard problems with valuable problems

Speaking of starting small

How to start

Get traffic for your content

A simple way to validate your startup idea

Play the long game

Is “sales” a dirty word?

We are not normal people

Feeling threatened

This is real life

Where do you find the time for side projects?

The 2013 revenue stats I didn’t want to share

It’s not us, it’s them

Succeed with your own product in 2014

Why didn’t you launch last year?

Why you need a Week of Hustle

How to choose an audience for your email list

1,000 email subscribers

What stops us from building products?

How remote work changed my life

The downward spiral

Where does a great culture come from?

My first kiss

Nikki Durkin: Don’t talk about ideas – just do it

Why you’re not making sales

How to get (and keep) a job in startups

Geeks as tastemakers

Producing good content isn’t enough

Self-Publishing Hangout highlights

Just f*cking do it

Hiring developers

Why people buy products

Sitting on the curb drinking a slurpee

This is a web page

The principle that changed my life

Believe in me

Heads down

Quit trying to attract a crowd and just help people

Pretty doesn’t sell

Twenty dollars in an envelope

How to end the remote work debate

How (not) to validate your idea

Don’t call it a comeback (working remotely)

Meet people

Starting a business is easy

Jarrod Drysdale’s advice for starting

My blogging demons

Stop networking at events

A VIKA BYSKE standing desk

It’s not enough to build a product that people want

Why distributed teams are more effective

Why I would pay for Twitter

What the People of Wal-Mart want

Why I don’t read at work

What Amy Hoy taught me about starting a business

A 13-year-old on a BBS

Retina is not a big deal

Terrible Apple products

Geek dad

You only win once – Rodney Mullen

Why people buy software

No one wants to buy my sneakers

Forget the Valley: bootstrap founders can live wherever they want

Most successful founders are in their mid-30’s, married with children

Kathy Sierra is brilliant

Customers don’t care about your solutions

Things I’ve quit doing at my desk

Will a college degree get you a programming job?

If you work with pixels you should be thankful

What’s important

How to keep clients happy

Building a better mousetrap? It had better catch more mice.


What is real work?

How to get 1000’s of paying customers

How do you know when to stop designing?

Where would you rather work: 37signals or Zappos?

Useful is forever

Zappos is wow

How do you consume digital media?

Your idea needs a passionate believer

How to build a better Canadian neighborhood

Are you in love with the idea, or with customers?

People want the basics done well

Meshwest Edmonton

How to design a customer support process

8 habits for a better day at work

My rant on customer support for web apps

Stop screen sucking

Everybody stop

No one knows what they’re doing

How changing your market can save your product

The coupon code is a slap in the face

I worked a day at 37signals, and I liked it

If you’re from Edmonton, you’ll remember Happy Pop soda

The sex and cash theory

Building a standing desk

Why are people looking at your website?

We’re in the Age of Content

This is a classy move

Be real.


Business lesson: less research, launch small

Business lesson: Go where the people are

Review of 37signals’ first app for the iPad: Draft

The iPad is a family device

I think this is me in 1984

2010: Products I can’t live without

Better time spent at work

Interviews from the Future of Web Apps in Miami

In Miami for FOWA

A better office

Better typing

A better Apple TV

A better birthday party for kids

Better doctor visits: house calls

A better urbanism

Financial services web site

Local news web site

Web site and promotion for Duchess Bake Shop

Think clearly about print advertising

A better toilet

A better parking lot

Mike Bridge’s photography

Check it out: Stephen Kiers photography

Why can’t we stream TV in Canada?

Yes! Apple TV!

James Jones rocks CTV

Good news for fans of the IT Crowd

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