James Jones rocks CTV

James Jones dancing on CTV So You Thin You Can DanceMy friend Gregg mentioned to me yesterday that he saw a young guy on “So You Think You Can Dance Canada?” that I might know.

In 1999, my friends Adrian, Garner and I ran a drop-in hip hop club in Edmonton’s city center. It was called the “First Element Hip Hop Club.” We started with any empty church hall, a PA system, and the desire to create a place for kids to come and break, scratch, and freestyle.

Well, I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but word spread and soon we had 20-30 people coming every week. We taught basic breakin’ moves to whoever showed up, but we also had some really incredible dancers show up.

James Jones was one of those guys. He was one of the handful of kids that showed up from north east Edmonton. And he is an unbelievable bboy.

Well, on September 18th, 2008 he appeared on “So You Think You Can Dance” and charmed the judges. He’s off to Toronto for the competition. It was really cool for me to watch the clip; he’s got a great spirit.

Watch his audition on CTV here.

More info on First Element

I just found this on an old VHS tape, and converted it to digital.

In 1999, my friends Adrian, Garner and I ran the “First Element” club in Edmonton’s city center.

It ended up being a “meeting place” for many of e-town’s hip-hop heads.

Folks you might recognize:

Curtis Santiago (formerly of the Hi-Phoniqs):

James Jones (So You Think You Can Dance):

Short Top (MC & DJ in Edmonton’s Hip Hop community)

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  1. Go Edmonton! Cool stuff.

  2. He stopped by my school today in Fox Creek, Alberta. Was an amazing performance and speech about living a positive life and following your dreams. An amazing dancer!

  3. he stopped by my school in onoway today and he gave a dance lesson and he brought his crew and showed us some dances it was awsome!!! i also got my pic with him. hes awsome!